Calgary's Stampede Wrestling is stepping back in the ring

Rock & Wrestling

November 29 @ 7:00 pm - November 30 @ 12:00 am

VIP Tickets: $40.00 Regular Admission: $30.00


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The Mission Of Original Stampede Wrestling Inc.
Trademarks and Copyright © 2011 Original Stampede Wrestling
"Original Stampede Wrestling Inc.”
In honor of All Harts of old and All Harts of new, has created the "Stampede Wrestling Federation".
Our Mission,
is to help support generations of wrestling families, sons and daughters, new wrestlers still training today by the greats of the past who are shaping the futures of these young, amazing athletes.
To Provide them the Ability,
and ensure a future for them. To see that they have every advantage to become the pro athletes that their forefathers were and more.
With them,
create a new generation of athletes who may never have had an opportunity and who without, wrestling as we know it, would just fade away.
As any company built on heart
and good intentions, we may have had stumbling blocks but with the endorsement from members of the Hart family and others we have built on a solid foundation of integrity.
The Stampede Wrestling Federation will not die
We will not bow down to those trying to crush the dreams of these young and deserved athletes. Through the hard work of our team and the generosity and sponsorships of people, communities, and companies we will ensure they have everything they need to succeed, We are dedicated to making the difference between dreams and accomplishments.
This is our mission, this is our Pledge this is our Honor
Because they gave us theirs, we give them ours!
Cory – Original Stampede Wrestling Inc.

The words Original Stampede Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling Federation or references to them and all logos past and present or future designed by them  are Trademarked for Look and Sound  and  Copyright © May 9 2011 Original Stampede Wrestling Inc. Any use in part or in whole or any combination without Expressed Written consent is a violation of such, and is punishable  by law.

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